SDL Tridion Community week in review - October 16, 2011

This week saw quite some activity by new members of the Tridion Community, I am very happy to send you some links by our Community Builder Peter Kjaer, who created a brand new blog this week - finally we have someone in the blogosphere that can talk about Audience Manager - and also some great contributions by Vesa Paakkanen.

The PowerTools 2011 project has also made quite some progress this week, with Peter managing to refactor and/or remove most of the redundant code we had in the project. End result: we're ready to roll and start creating PowerTools using Tridion 2011.

Monday October 10

Hotfix Manager - Michael Struempf / Tridion World

Remove HTML whitespace from the template output - John Winter / blog

SDL Tridion MVP Retreat - Peter Kjaer / blog

Nostra Culpa - Peter Kjaer / blog

Tuesday October 11

Tridion GUI Extensions - How to parametrize commands - Vesa Paakkanen / GitHub

Tridion GUI Extensions - How to Enable Autocomplete - Vesa Paakkanen / GitHub

Wednesday October 12

Tridion GUI Extensions - How to get and read items - Vesa Paakkanen / GitHub

Tridion GUI Extensions - Config-files explained - Vesa Pakkanen / Github

Thursday October 13

Kapow Katalyst migrating content into Tridion - KapowSoftware / YouTube

SDL Tridion 2011 AppData - Jeremy Grand Scrutton / blog

Identifying a Contact - Peter Kjaer / blog

Saturday October 15

No-nonsense guide to creating a power tool- Nuno Linhares / Google Code

Sunday October 16

PowerTools 2011- Nuno Linhares / blog


According to the Sysomos Heartbeat, there were: 147 (-105) total mentions of Tridion this week

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