SDL Tridion Community week in review - October 23, 2011

This week we saw the community clearly getting together further in the PowerTools project.

It is quite amazing to see its evolution on my toolbar:

community toolbar

Most tools are under construction, and some are much more complex than others, but there is a clear (r)evolution happening here and it is great to watch! More to come this week, I'm sure.

There are now 29 registered members in the PowerTools group in GoogleCode and the number keeps increasing. Special mention for Alvin Reyes, who has been relentlessly editing the content available and making sure we can still navigate under the deluge of information being created.

This week also saw the appearance of one more blogger in the Tridion Community, Asier Fernandez. Thanks Asier for your contributions (5 posts in 2 days!) and keep ?em coming!

Monday October 17

BluePrinting Fridge Magnet Kit - Alvin Reyes / Blog

Alvin provides some sound advice on what we should give our students when teaching BluePrinting!

Tuesday October 18

Primero plantillas o plataforma - Steve White / Fecron Blog

Steve White, well known to the Tridion "old-timers", has written an interesting post on things to consider when upgrading from 5.3 Tridion 2011.

Wednesday October 19

Tridion Publisher and Custom Resolvers - Nuno Linhares / Blog

Nuno found a new favorite extension point, and has been talking about it non-stop. His blog is obviously not an exception??

You think you got what it takes? - Nuno Linhares / Blog

Some thoughts from Nuno on the cycles of learning when working with Tridion.

Hating your Software? - Alvin Reyes / Blog

Alvin shares why it is a good thing if you hate your Software - and it hates you back!

Thursday October 20

Lessons learned from WFM - Alvin Reyes / Blog

Some words of wisdom from Alvin on keeping projects on track.

Tridion Schema Change - Alvin Reyes / Blog

The good-old-Tridion-dilemma: what will break when I change my schemas? Alvin tackles what to expect.

SDLTridion PowerTools - Chris Summers / Blog

Short post from Chris on the evolution of the PowerTools project that he and Yoav started quite a few months ago.

Friday October 21

A new Blogger has born - Asier Fernandez / Blog

Welcome to the blogosphere!

Creating a Schema using CoreService - Asier Fernandez / Blog

Code samples!

Creating a Component using TOM API - Asier Fernandez / Blog

And more code samples!

Saturday October 22

Custom HTTP Error Module in C# - Asier Fernandez / Blog

Asier shares his experience with handling (website) error pages with .NET and c#

Identifying Environments, Targets and Websites - Asier Fernandex / Blog

Some cool tips from Asier on how to ensure Tridion developers keep breathing and know which environment they're working on.


According to the Sysomos Heartbeat, there were: 150 (+3) total mentions of Tridion this week

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