SDL Tridion Community week in review - November 6, 2011

Very active week again by the Tridion Community, that somehow managed to cluster most updates into 3 days rather than spreading it out through the week, which happens to be an interesting side-effect of an active and broadly disconnected group of people that share just because they feel like it, and not because they are told to. Well done guys, I always feel proud for playing a small part in it.

This week we've learned some very interesting stuff. For one, someone finally managed to understand what it is that we really do at our jobs (via @ryan_durkin), and for seconds it looks like recruiters are finally catching up to the fact that most of the best Tridion professionals live in areas that are generally cold during the winter and come up with imaginative ways to try to hook up with them. Thirdly, we are reminded that we seem to have out-grown the capacity of our little forum and call for alternative ways to reach to the community. I think the Midas rule would apply here (via @RinzeCats).

In other news, our friend, PowerTools caretaker, SDL MVP, and overall nice guy Alvin Reyes seems relieved to have finished his Bachelor of Science in Information Technology after a long and arduous month. Congratulations Alvin!

And finally, coming up next week is the 1st Community Webinar, kindly organized by Julian Wraith. This time we'll have 3 speakers:

  • Alvin Reyes (Migrating from 5.3 to 2011)
  • Mihai Cadariu (YAWF - Yet Another Workflow Framework)
  • Nickoli Roussakov (JW media Player)

Keep it coming people, great stuff!

Tuesday November 1

Using Splunk with SDL Tridion - Julian Wraith / Weblog
Julian dives behind the scenes of managing a Tridion Enterprise deployment and grabs the logs by the horns with Splunk. (Editor's tip: do not install Splunk in the same server as your Tridion Content Manager, they don't seem to play along very well).

PowerShell Mediator for SDL Tridion - Andrey Marchuk / Weblog
Andrey decided to give it a try and create a mediator for the fun of it. He gained experience and we all gain knowledge from his endeavors.

Inspect Publication Details with an XSLT Component Template - Alvin Reyes / Weblog
Alvin goes into the obvious-but-always-overlooked fact that you can learn a lot about Tridion using Templates.

SmartTargeting - Nuno Linhares / Weblog
Nuno tries to share some of his experiences with SmartTarget, and his surprise at the fact that very often techies fail to see the obvious.

Thursday November 3

Creating multimedia component through CoreService - Andrey Marchuk / Weblog
Andrey gives us some really good sample code that may come in handy for all of you doing content migrations and integrations out there.

The PowerTools Team's Power - Alvin Reyes / Weblog
Alvin expresses some of his awe (shared by many others, me included) about the progress of the Power Tools project on Google code.

Pimping out the Tridion 2011 Service Pack 1 - Nuno Linhares / Weblog
Nuno shares some light on the upcoming features in Tridion 2011 (while secretly hoping that the Release Notes are actually correct and not to be rectified via some "Documentation Defect").

Saturday November 5

Secondary Memory: "Didn't I ask that Before?" - Alvin Reyes / Weblog
Alvin shares some really good tips on XML IDEs, Forum etiquette and that amazing Search feature.

Logo Fun with the Tridion PowerTools - Alvin Reyes / Weblog
We have a logo!

Tridion 2011 Queries - Alvin Reyes / Weblog
In preparation for that community webinar, Alvin shares some knowledge about the structure of Content Delivery Queries in 2011 when seen from a 5.3 perspective.

Extending Content Delivery Storage in SDL Tridion 2011 - Mihai Cadariu / SDL Tridion World
Mihai shares with the rest of us, common mortals, how to extend the Tridion Content Delivery storage layer with JPA, Hibernate, and the result of what I'm sure were some pretty long hours of despair. Great job Mihai!

Trivia: The US Professional Services group of SDL WCMS flew 12,915 miles this week (14 flights)


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