SDL Tridion Community week in review - December 4, 2011

And we kick-off December with, again, a rather active week by the SDL Tridion community.

To start off, we now have a date for the 2nd community webinar, January 11th 2012. So far only one presentation confirmed, but judging by the success of the previous webinar I am sure that this list will grow soon. Special thanks to Julian Wraith for organizing this.

This week we also welcome one more blogger from SDL WCM Professional Services, Monica Manzano, with a great article on the separation of design and code logic with SDL Tridion.

Monday November 28

Dreamweaver Templating in Tridion - Visvabalaji Vaithiyalingam / Weblog
Visva walks us through some pretty good samples on using DW syntax in SDL Tridion Template building blocks

Tuesday November 29

Tridion Event System 2011 - Robert Curlette / Weblog
Nice post for Robert explaining the different phases, many of the advantages and some sample code for the new SDL Tridion Event System in 2011.

Portal Integration Scenarios and Considerations - Greg Lowenthal and Miguel Miguelez /
Miguel and Greg share their findings on the many ways in which you could integrate SDL Tridion with a Web Portal.

Wednesday November 30

Creating a MM Component using the TOM.NET API - Asier Fernandez / Weblog
Asier continues his code samples, now covering how to create a Multimedia Component using the TOM.NET API.??

Conspiracy Theory - Alvin Reyes / Weblog
Alvin found out about it.??

Handling exceptions in CoreService - Andrey Marchuk / Weblog
Great sample from Andrey on how to deal with Core Service exceptions in code.??

Core Service clients and the "using" statement - Peter Kjaer / Weblog
Peter shares with us how to correctly deal with WCF client instances and disposing of them cleanly in your code. I have to go change some code?

Thursday December 1

Looping through Contacts - Peter Kjaer / Weblog
Peter provides us with the right way to loop through contact lists with Audience Manager.

Friday December 2

A CMS is not just a CMS - Walter van der Heiden / Weblog
Walter gives us a glimpse of how you can use your SDL Tridion instance to do a lot more than just managing content.

Sunday December 4

Keeping HTML design separated from code - Monica Manzano / Weblog
Great example from Monica on how to create dynamic code while keeping your back-end code fully separated from the HTML design. Good stuff Monica!


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