SDL Tridion Community week in review - December 18, 2011

This week we had, again, a week full of solid contributions from our friends, partners, and MVPs and nothing less that 3 (THREE) new weblogs added to our ever-growing list of distributed knowledge.

Tuesday December 13

Possibly the most eagerly awaited post of the past few months, Albert details the steps required to get the DD4T up & running with Tridion 2011.
Getting Started with ASP.NET MVC3 and Tridion - Albert Romkes / Weblog

Wednesday December 14

Taras starts his blogging career with a pretty nice post with code samples (yes!) on how to get your SiteEdit going.
One case of SDL Tridion SiteEdit implementation - Taras Strypko / Weblog

Thursday December 15

Alvin decides it's time to relax? and maps some consultant jokes to Tridion consultants.
SDL Tridion and Consulting Jokes - Alvin Reyes / Weblog

Friday December 16

Andrey describes how to use the new 2011 SP1 client library with PowerShell.
CoreService 2011 SP1 with PowerShell - Andrey Marchuk / Weblog

Philippe treats us to a very nice template building block to process links to binaries from RTF fields, a very elegant solution.
Process Download Links in Output - Phil Conil /

Nickoli gives us some samples for Dreamweaver Function Sources allowing us to get and set variables in the Templating package from Dreamweaver Templates.
Get and Set Variables in DWTs - Nickoli Roussakov /

Ferdinand vents his frustration with editors?
Why is it so hard to create content in Tridion? - Ferdinand Lugo / Weblog

Saturday December 17

Nickoli gives us another useful function source to use with DW Templates.
More fun with Dreamweaver Templates - TemplateRepeatCount - Nickoli Roussakov /

Sunday December 18

Vadym walks us through the new Purge functionality that was added to the Tridion core in 2011 SP1, pretty cool stuff.
How to purge old versions - Vadym Vlasenko / Weblog


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