SDL Tridion Community week in review - January 8, 2012

In this edition of our newsletter we will cover 2 weeks after our end-of-year break.

And what a great start to the year! Early this week we had a first-time contribution from Alexander Klock (from our US-based Partner Tahzoo) that will likely to be one of the most influential throughout the year. Please do check out his Razor Mediator, now available on

We also had a relatively strong week of information, with the usual suspects (Alvin & Andrey) making sure we don't run out of materials to read and test.

Tuesday December 27

Alvin continues his effort to dig into all the possibilities offered by the Dreamweaver Mediator.
Dreamweaver syntax with FieldPath - Alvin Reyes / Weblog

Thursday December 29

Monster Tutorial by Nickoli on how to integrate Tridion with anything
SDL Tridion Application Integration - Nickoli Roussakov /

Friday December 30

Continuing his PowerShell trend, Andrey shows us how to use TOM.NET from PowerShell.
TOM.NET From PowerShell - Andrey Marchuk / Weblog

Saturday December 31

Alvin starts his video-blogging on Tridion, with the objective to cover a subject in 30 seconds. Good luck!
SDLTridion 2011 Favorites Feature - Alvin Reyes / Weblog

Alvin reflects on 2011 (the year, not the Software). Great to have you in our team Alvin!
Favorite parts of 2011 (it's not ALL Tridion) - Alvin Reyes / Weblog

Dominic ends the year with a very useful tip for anyone that tried writing CME Extensions
Enabling XML Schema Validation in Visual Studio - Dominic Cronin / Weblog

Monday January 2

Already mentioned before. Not only this extension's power looks great, it even has an installer! (hopefully that may start a trend)
Razor Mediator - Alexander Klock /

Tuesday January 3

Ryan covers how simple it is to deploy and use the .NET-based Tridion Content Delivery Service
Installing the SDL Tridion 2011 SP1 .Net Content Delivery Service - Ryan Durkin / Building Blocks blog

Friday January 6

Harsh Udeshi shows us one way to do Content Expiration and notification in Tridion
Content Expiration in SDL Tridion - Harsh Udeshi /

Andrey goes deeper in his PowerShell work and now shows us how we can use it Workflow Activities! Great stuff.
TOM.NET with PowerShell as Workflow automatic activity - Andrey Marchuk / Weblog

And I now give you a double-take of statistics!


According to the Sysomos Heartbeat, there were: 204 (+36) total mentions of Tridion this week

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