SDL Tridion Community week in review - February 19, 2012

Welcome to our community review for the week ending February 19th.

This week pretty much started with a proposal for a Tridion Q&A StackExchange site on Area 51. For those who don't know Area 51, it is the staging zone for the Stack Exchange Network - anyone can create a Q&A site for any topic, but the site will not be approved nor launched until it goes through a few steps - Definition, Commitment and finally Beta. Once it goes through all stages successfully it will be launched for anyone to use & see.

The Tridion Q&A Area 51 proposal grew up so quickly that it moved into the Commitment phase within 4 days and is now well on its way through it (at 8% of requirements right now). It is currently listed 3rd in the list of "Hottest Proposals", right behind "Machine Learning" and "Windows Phone" and ahead of "Music", "Computer Science" and "Culture of Japan".

A very interesting side-effect is that there has been an explosion of Tridion-related questions in Stack Overflow, as committers try to improve their reputation to increase the chances of succeeding in the launch of the new StackExchange-powered Q&A site for SDL Tridion. You can follow all questions tagged Tridion using this URL, and if you feel you should help the community in getting our own Q&A site, then please do commit to the Area 51 proposal.

This week also saw a consolidation of efforts from some of our MVPs who will from now on start blogging using Content Bloom's "" website instead of using their own separate sites.

Last but not least, don't forget the Toronto User Group meeting this week's Wednesday and that SDL Innovate is right around the corner.??

Tuesday February 14

Alvin gives us some more sneak preview data on our soon-to-come inline editor.
More SiteEdit Insight - Alvin Reyes / Weblog

Wednesday February 15

Peter clarifies one of the most "mysterious" parts of Tridion Content Delivery - great effort!
How Tridion Content Delivery loads configuration files (.NET) - Peter Kjaer /

Dominic Cronin shows a simple way to get lists of items using PowerShell
Batching components for the component synchronizer - Dominic Cronin / Weblog

Robert shares his tool to automate the deletion of an item in Tridion
BDelete - Delete a Tridion Blueprint item - Robert Curlette / Weblog

Manuel shows us the way when it comes to optimizing your Blueprint with Tridion
SDL Tridion BluePrint - minimizing localizations - Manuel Garrido / Weblog

Thursday February 16

Alex gives us one of the most implemented events with Tridion: Creating pages automatically
Tridion Event System: Automated Page Creation After Creating a Component - Alexander Klock / Weblog

Chris Summers guides us through his discovery process to implement a feature that - by mistake - worked before SP1
The story of SDL Tridion 2011 Custom Resolver and the allowWriteOperationsInTemplates attribute - Chris Summers /

Friday February 17

Alvin jumps on the Stack Exchange Bandwagon
See you on Stack Exchange - Alvin Reyes /

Sunday February 19

And shares some more thoughts about the SDL Tridion Community's development.
SDL Tridion Community on the Horizon - Alvin Reyes / Weblog

Alvin demonstrates how easy it is to get the status from your Tridion services
Impress your IT Operations Peers. SDL Tridion + A simple APM Client - Alvin Reyes /


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