SDL Tridion Community week in review - March 4, 2012

Hello all and welcome to one more review of our community's activity.

It seems like the urge to share really took off this week, we have nothing less than 16 noteworthy entries - including an epic entry by Robert Curlette tackling a very complicated subject as CME Extensions in a nice, easy to read and follow blog post. This week also sees the birth of Yet Another Tridion Blog by none other than our own Mihai Cadariu with 3 great posts.

See you at SDL Innovate!

Monday February 27

Great tips on how to configure Tridion logging for your templates!
Tracing & Logging - Tridion CM Server - Vinothkumar Kalyanasundaram / Weblog

Tuesday February 28

A new version of the excellent Razor Mediator by Alex Klock
Razor Mediator Version 1.1 released - Alexander Klock / Weblog

Robert's EPIC guide on how to create a Tridion CME Extension - a must read!
Tridion GUI Extension - Who Did It? - Robert Curlette / Weblog

Wednesday February 29

Chris covers an important aspect of Windows Security
Installing SDL Tridion Hotfixes from a Network Location - Chris Summers /

Thursday March 1

Julian starts prepping up the audience for our session at Innovate.
Left on shelf all covered in dust? - Julian Wraith /

Friday March 2

Sonja takes on a trip down memory lane, and how CXM is nothing new
Why Customer eXperience Management Matters - Sonja Keerl /

Some great examples on how to get transaction information from Tridion
Tridion PublishEngine - Of Transactions and Publish Information - Alexander Klock / Weblog??

Alvin starts his quest to get more people blogging about Tridion (and other topics)
Step-by-Step Blogging Guide - Alvin Reyes / Weblog??
Blog Recipe - Be Relevant While Sharing Experience, Passionately - Alvin Reyes / Weblog
Seven Wins in Developing a Technical Community - Alvin Reyes / Weblog??

And closes it up with some warm words regarding his job, his colleagues, and his passion for our great WCM tool.
Fascination with SDL WCMS and Tridion - Alvin Reyes / Weblog

Saturday March 3

Elena reminds us that the simplest solution is usually right in front of us.
Uploading multimedia items with SDL Tridion 2011 SP1 and WebDAV - Elena Serghie / Weblog??

Alvin gives us a newbie entry point to Tridion Event Systems
SDL Tridion Event System Newbie Perspective - Alvin Reyes /

Mihai shares an excellent way to capture when did users last login to the CME
Capturing a User's last login date into the CME - Mihai Cadariu / Weblog??

And a sample in very high demand lately
Core Service Client Sample Code - Mihai Cadariu / Weblog??

Topped with how to debug your Event Systems in Tridion 2011
Debugging a Tridion 2011 Event System - Mihai Cadariu / Weblog

Sunday March 4

Asier shares some more ways to capture what is going on with the Tridion Community
Netvibes - Asier Fernandez / Weblog


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