SDL Tridion Community week in review - March 18, 2012

Hi and welcome to one more weekly review, for the week ending on March 18th.

This week's big event was obviously the Community Webinar organized by Julian Wraith on Wednesday. This week we had great presentations, from Chris Summers (UrbanCherry) on "Taxonomy driven websites at Yale School of Medicine" and Mark Saunders (Content Bloom) "The Navigation Debate".

Both presentations are available online, and the seminar recording is available here. Excellent job from Julian and both presenters to offer us the best community webinar (so far).

And, of course, we have again a fine selection of code samples, community debates, what-if scenarios and general blogs from the community out there.


Monday March 12

Great intro from Asier into the User Generated Content topic.
UGC - User Generated Content - Part 1 - Asier Fernandez / Weblog??

Some more code samples from Mihai - this time on how to display Component Presentations with Tridion.
Display Dynamic Component Presentation Samples - Mihai Cadariu / Weblog

Wednesday March 14

Robert digs into how the Dynamic Query area of Tridion has evolved with Tridion 2011
Tridion 2011 Broker Queries - Goodbye SearchFilter, Hello Criteria - Robert Curlette / Weblog??

And here's someone we always to hear back from. Will Price shows us some of the nice and practical usages of REL (Render Engine Language)
What the REL?! - A simple and very practical use of REL - Will Price /

Ever wondered how to dynamically query for components?
Query for Components - Mihai Cadariu / Weblog

Thursday March 15

Mark continues the debate he started during the Webinar with a follow-up blogpost.
"The" Navigation Debate - Mark Saunders /

Great set of information on the information exposed by Tridion on its Publishing Queue, and how you could potentially use it in your organization.
Getting mucky in SDL Tridion Publishing - Julian Wraith / Weblog??

Another custom page from Robert - this one shows all code for all templates in one page.
Show Template Source - A Tridion Custom Page - Robert Curlette / Weblog

Friday March 16

Following up on his component querying, here's some samples for Component Presentation Queries
Query for Component Presentations - Mihai Cadariu / Weblog

Saturday March 17

Asier again showing us the way - this time with NetBiscuits and BiscuitML
NetBiscuits - HelloWorld with a Custom .NET Application - Asier Fernandez / Weblog

Sunday March 18

Chris brings the "Bundle" discussion to the Internet. What's coming up?
Welcome back SDL Tridion Workflow - Chris Summers /

And Dominic follows briefly after with some more.
What should we hope for Tridion workflow? - Dominic Cronin / Weblog


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