SDL Tridion Community week in review - April 1, 2012

Welcome to our weekly recap of #SDLTridion community activity, again with a great selection of the content being created out there by our partners & colleagues.

From last week's content we have to highlight the re-appearance of one of the best Tridion bloggers out there, Albert te Boekhorst, that comes back with a great post on how to deal with 404s with SDL Tridion Content Delivery stack, the amazing post from Ryan Durkin outlining most of what's new with SDL Tridion UI 2012, Robert Curlette's continuing regularity at posting epic GUI Extension tutorials, and a new blogger from PS EMEA - welcome Vesa!

Monday March 26

Mihai shows how can achieve "traditional" navigation with CWA
CWA Navigation Custom Tag - Mihai Cadariu / Weblog

Vesa explains his quest to prove himself right when it comes to testing Tridion code? 2 years later, the quest continues!
?but when I do, I do it in production - Vesa Paakkanen / Weblog

Wednesday March 28

Albert shows us one (relatively simple) way of dealing with incorrect inbound links.
SDL Tridion SEO - Managing Inbound Links - Albert te Boekhorst / Weblog??

Alvin tries to apply BluePrinting to? well? Blueprints.
BluePrinting Metaphor Re-imagined - Alvin Reyes / Weblog??

Vesa expands on how to do Tridion Dynamic Linking on a NetBiscuits implementation.
Dynamic Linking with Tridion and NetBiscuits - Vesa Paakkanen / Weblog??

Mihai clears some of the mystery surrounding the 10 (!) AddBinary methods in TOM.NET
Which AddBinary (not) to use - Mihai Cadariu / Weblog

Friday March 30

Ryan puts on his MVP hat and writes a really good and detailed overview of the new SDL Tridion UI
SDL Tridion User Interface 2012 Overview - Ryan Durkin /

Robert, once more, gifts us with an excellent guide on creating Tridion GUI Extensions
BlueCopy - Tridion GUI Extension QuickStart - Robert Curlette / Weblog

Mihai continues his Binary handling trend, now explaining how to publish image variants.
Publishing Images as Variants - Mihai Cadariu / Weblog

Sunday April 1

Alvin gives us what we always wanted! A LISP Mediator for Tridion.
SDL Tridion LISP Mediator - Alvin Reyes / Weblog??

Dominic Cronin holds our hand getting into PowerShell and SDL Tridion Core Service
Getting to grips with the Tridion Core Service in PowerShell - Dominic Cronin / Weblog


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