In-context editor SiteEdit 2009 is released

Editing of complex web estates that encompass multi-brand, multi-channel and multilingual web sites poses big challenges for organisations. Marketing teams can quickly become overwhelmed with requests for updates and new content. SiteEdit 2009, the next generation in-context website editor, simplifies frequently performed editing tasks of content editors.

What's new

The new version of SiteEdit now allows in-context editing without users having to use Content Manager, have any knowledge of HTML or how the websites work. If a user can browse a website and use a word processor, then they can use SiteEdit 2009 to update the content on their websites.

Now more and more employees become active in communication through websites, organizations face content management challenges. These employees typicaly do not work in the Content Manager, but do need to have the ability to edit content quickly and easily. SDL Tridion provides this by distributing the ownership of certain parts of the website to the right employees while enforcing corporate standards and securing authoring.

SiteEdit has a dialog driven interface that guides users through the content editing process. This new version is equiped with an application menu to access all functionality and a component toolbar that speeds up editing tasks. Besides that a new Side Panel is added from which the user can access workflow tasks, page properties and component properties. Productivity from day one is assured and company specific business rules and process integration aspects accommodated. 

End users can choose from four browsers when using SiteEdit: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. In addition to that, it can also be used on a Mac.

For more information also download the  SiteEdit product brief .



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SiteEdit empowers editors by giving them an easy to use, intuitive user interface for day-to-day on-the-fly editing. By browsing to a page, content can be edited there and then and you can see the effect of these changes straight away.
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