Connector 2009 for InDesign released

Web and print are a proven combination in marketing campaigns. However, it is a difficult and time consuming task to synchronize the messaging in your printed collateral with your Web channel. Connector for InDesign integrates the Web- and print channel and manages these channels from a single source, hence guaranteeing unified messaging, and improving efficiency and shorter time-to-market.

Steering the print channel

Printed collateral is one of the many channels of communication that marketing departments use. SDL Tridion integrates with Adobe� InDesign� to combine design creativity with content management productivity. Users of SDL Tridion are allowed to work in their native environment; content owners can work in SDL Tridion, designers (both internal or from an agency) in InDesign�. Both users have always access to up-to-date content and can act with the speed needed to meet demanding deadlines for marketing communication. More important, both content owners and designers can remain focused on their own expertise; messaging and design.

SDL Tridion enables document designers to take full advantage of its comprehensive content management capabilities. From the previewing of new content, to comparing different versions of content, SDL Tridion empowers them to get the job done much faster and with maximum efficiency.

For more information on Connector for InDesign, download the product brief .
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