Digital Asset Center

Photos, videos and sound are a crucial part of your marketing communication to provide your target audience with a compelling message and a great online experience. Digital Asset Center enables you to produce, manage and distribute multiple types of multimedia assets. The eXtension is not an SDL Tridion product, but an integration with the SDL Tridion platform that enriches the capabilities of Marketing Communications

Managing multimedia assets for the online channel

To fully exploit the rapid growth of available digital assets in your Web environment, it is essential to incorporate digital asset management capabilities within your web content management system. Although the needs for the different online and offline channels are diverse, you will want to store the sources of your digital assets centrally for reuse across all channels.

The main advantages of the eXtension are:

  • Storing and finding your digital assets via comprehensive search mechanism 
  • Managing the metadata over your assets 
  • Ingest any asset in any format, but control output to the appropriate format for the dedicated channel    

For more information, go to the internet page and read the eXtension brief .
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