SDL Tridion Magazine 2009 - 10th anniversary issue

This year�s magazine features articles on topics that go beyond Web Content Management, describing organizations� growing need for a complete solution as they adopt a digital strategy with an integrated approach for their whole business infrastructure.

Content Management for Business Communication

This magazine includes articles about the unified online marketing suite; social media investments; offering interactive online experience; providing targeted content; website quality and compliance-monitoring; SDL Tridion community and efficient output management. 

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SDL Tridion is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. As a recognized industry leader in WCM solutions, we look at the developments over the past decade that brought us to the position of being a global, mature and reliable WCM provider. Jan Jaap Kolleman, CEO, talks about the future of SDL Tridion. 

It�s very clear today that WCM as a standalone product is no longer enough from a business perspective. Delivery devices may change but ultimately the trend is for companies to want an out-of-the-box integrated solution that delivers content to many different channels in many languages. There is clearly a growing need for collecting intelligence about your website visitors in order to provide them with targeted and compelling content. In addition to that the online channel also needs to be an important point of contact with customers. 

In a world where more than two thirds of all internet users interact with some form of social media, companies are increasingly aware that they need to reach their audiences through more than just their own websites. But where do you start? And in what do you invest? 

Customer case studies featured include: 

  • Yamaha Motor Europe Harris Corporation 
  • Advantage West Midlands 
  • British Dental Association 
  • De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar 
  • Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank       

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Issue of 2008

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