Safeguard to deliver brand consistency

Safeguard is a website quality and compliance-monitoring tool powered by Magus ActiveStandards and is integrated with SDL Tridion�s Web Content Management System. By complying with a wide variety of guidelines and rules that communication specialists have created, the tool significantly contributes to improved SEO, visitor experience, usability and brand value.

SDL Tridion eXtension

The tool allows editors to pro-actively validate a page in real time in the pre-publication staging environment. Safeguard uses a best practice library of checkpoints built in and every checkpoint flags up the type of issues it addresses, usability, accessibility or SEO, enabling editors to prioritize which errors to correct first. Safeguard uses checkpoints based on the company�s own proprietary online brand standards on a wide variety of content presentation guidelines.

Website standards

Website standards are the library of standards specified by an organization to govern the content, function and appearance of their web estate. Managed effectively, they deliver tangible performance and operational benefits, and are powerful tools for regulating the process of website creation and publication. However, defining, implementing and managing website standards presents organizations with common logistical challenges. 

Safeguard movie

SDL Tridion Safeguard provides quality and compliance management functionality so you can deliver consistent, high-quality websites that comply with internal and external standards and regulations. 

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