SDL Tridion 2011 SP1 Released!

SDL, the leading provider of Global Information Management solutions announces the launch of SDL Tridion 2011 SP1. This new release builds on its strengths as a global solution for targeted content, multisite and multilingual site management.

Highlights include

SDL Tridion 2011 SP1 increases performance, stability and maintainability of SDL Tridion 2011.  SP1 prepares the platform for future developments and smooth integration with upcoming modules.

SP1 includes the new SDL Tridion Community Builder, which brings commenting and rating functionality to your website. You can install SP1 via an incremental update procedure, eliminating the need to re-install. Translation Manager is now part of SDL Tridion installer. In addition to this service pack, new versions of SDL SmartTarget and SDL Translation Manager are available.

Performance, Stability and Maintainability

Among the many improvements in this Service Pack, you will find:

  • Increased caching intelligence, allowing to cache Dynamic Content queries

  • Clean separation of Content Delivery Roles - matching your different website needs.

  • Support for different CoreService client versions

  • All the hotfixes issued for 2011 GA up to date.

SDL Tridion Community Builder

The SDL Tridion Community Builder (previously known as User Generated Content extension) is now part of the standard Tridion installation and is licensed as part of the Content Manager & Audience Manager.

This optional add-on provides an easy to use and implement solution for capturing user comments and ratings, as well as an integrated dashboard where you can monitor your visitors activity.

Translation Manager

The new SDL Translation Manager features better integration between SDL Tridion and SDL's translation management systems. Translations are now managed on an "item" level instead of on a "publication" level so you can configure your translation more precisely. This results in lower costs and faster translation processing times. In addition the new Translation Manager provides a detailed status overview of all outstanding translation jobs in SDL Tridion, so you can quickly and easily identify the status of your global initiatives.

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