SDL Launches profile-based marketing and e-Commerce solution

Early June 2010 SDL announced the launch of SDL SmartTarget that enhances SDL Tridion� Web Content Management Platform by enabling easy delivery of dynamic relevancy, predictive targeting and affiliate marketing programs within a single, simple-to-use interface.

A milestone

SDL SmartTarget enhances the SDL Tridion� Web Content Management platform by adding best-in-class targeting and personalization capabilities to every aspect of the user experience, including content, promotions, navigation and onsite search. SDL SmartTarget is built with technology from SDL�s recent acquisition of Fredhopper, a leading sales and marketing optimization software provider.

SDL SmartTarget leverages dynamic relevancy and predictive targeting to deliver meaningful and tailored website experiences and offers based on a consumer�s individual profile. As a result, click-through and transaction rates climb, resulting in increased revenue and consumer satisfaction. �

SDL SmartTarget is truly a milestone in the evolution of the SDL Tridion� platform,� said Jan Jaap Kolleman, CEO of SDL Web Content Management Solutions Division. �It reaffirms SDL�s strategy and commitment to deliver best-of-breed solutions that drive online customer engagements for global industry leaders.�

What's new

With SDL SmartTarget, marketing and eCommerce professionals can now significantly reduce the time and money spent on creating, delivering, and changing targeted offers and content. From a single dashboard, targeted offers and content can be instantly distributed across a single website, a network of affiliate websites, and an unlimited number of external search engines.

SDL SmartTarget uniquely leverages a wide range of information sources�including Product Information Management Systems, eCommerce platforms, product rating sites and web analytics tools�to instantly deliver the most compelling and personalized content and promotions every time an individual visits a website.

�SDL SmartTarget marks the end of �one-site-fits-all� websites,� added Kolleman. �Now we can actively empower our customers to create, deliver and manage truly personal and valuable Web engagements.�

More information

For more information about SDL SmartTarget we invite you to watch the SmartTarget 3.5-minute video or download the SDL SmartTarget product brief .

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