What's new in SDL Tridion R5.3

This new version of our flagship product, R5, is based on your business needs to enable you to even more easily manage and integrate new Web site interaction and applications. The new features and enhancements include an innovative approach to templating and improvements that will streamline your business, system and collaborative processes.

Improvements overview

  • Web site globalization � Building on our existing strength in the area of Web site globalization, this release provides Visual BluePrinting, BluePrinted Workflow, Modular Templating and extended language support. 

  • Greater process control � Even greater control over your workflow processes with more tools for Web site contributors to monitor and ensure the quality of their corporate communication, branding and marketing messaging. 

  • Modular Templating enabling faster time-to-market � Every marketing manager needs to be competitive when it comes to adding the latest trends in Web site functionality and applications. Modular Templating gives you greater flexibility and faster time-to-market for your Web site design, code and applications. 

  • Content compliance for greater control over your content lifecycle � Including snapshots of your content within workflow processes to provide you with comprehensive records of every content stage. 

  • Enterprise readiness � Even greater enterprise readiness including R5 Content Management and Content Delivery system monitoring ensuring the effective operation of your system. 

  • Additional platform support � Adding to our existing platform support, 5.3 continues to build on .NET technology and support for .NET templating, events systems and customizations. UNIX support and Content Delivery on both UNIX and Java platforms are also enhanced with a new JSP tag library. 

  • Backwards compatibility � All of the new features and functionality added to R5 are fully backwards compatible, enabling you to make choices about the best possible implementation for your specific business needs.        

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