How do I use my SDL Tridion Customer Support?

Your company should have a valid support agreement and has nominated 5 authorized callers who can access our services. SDL Tridion has set up your company with at least one authorized caller who is an administrator for activating, adding and deleting authorized callers.

No access?

Your company has a Customer Support agreement and you cannot access our online support system? You are not registered as an authorized user. Contact your administrator and request access, alternatively you can  contact Customer Support for assistance.

How do I authorize callers?

First, you must be able to logon to our Online Support System. Once logged in, click on account details in the left panel. In the section 'Add an additional contact' you can add a new authorized caller. Note that there's a limitation of 5 authorized callers. In case you cannot add a new authorized caller, review the current list of callers and uncheck the box support user. This allows you to add a new contact.

Not able to add a new contact?

You are not an administrator and cannot add new authorized callers or change roles. In the list of contacts for your company you can find an administrator. Contact that person to make the required changes.

Can I contact any support center?

No, you are serviced by your local Customer Support Center during local office hours. Customers with an advanced support agreement are entitled to twenty-four by seven support. Advanced customers requiring assistance after office hours for critical support issues, contact your local Customer Support office and follow the telephone instructions.

No Customer Support plan?

Your company does not have a Customer Support agreement but you are interested in learning more about our support offerings? Contact one of our  global Customer Support Centers today.